Marie-Élaine Thibert – UN JOUR NOËL


Saturday, December 8 at 8 pm

Seven albums in almost 15 years of career, here is the prolific discography of Marie-Élaine. An eighth album in preparation is planned for 2018.  Marie-Elaine has this fabulous gift of transmitting emotions. Always with nuance she knows how to touch the heart. Traduire depuis la langue suivante : français

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Traduire plutôt “Les grands d’ici lui offriront des chansons sur mesure. Marie-Élaine, une force tranquille, qui sait se distinguer et faire sa place dans le paysage musical québécois.

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Great writers will offer her custom songs. Marie-Élaine, a quiet force, who knows how to distinguish herself and make her place in the Quebec musical landscape. Her concert “Un jour Noël” is the adaptation of her album of the same name. She also staged this show which consists of well known Christmas Holiday songs.