Mr. Peter Manning, mayor of the municipality of Piopolis

It is a real pleasure for me to represent the municipality of Piopolis as Honorary President of the 2021 season of the Festival Saint-Zénon-de-Piopolis. As Piopolis celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, the municipality takes this special opportunity to show its gratitude to the organizers of the Festival St-Zénon-de-Piopolis. The magnificent program offered for more than 20 years is a source of great pride among the Piopolis citizens and enjoys great notoriety in the Mégantic region and elsewhere in Quebec.

Year after year, the Piopolis Cultural Committee dedicates itself to welcom and entertain you with famous artists. I had the pleasure of chairing this committee a few years ago I am a witness of the intensity and love that volunteers invest in the development, promotion and broadcasts of the annual program.

The municipality is delighted to be a financial partner of the organization in order to concretely support this great team and salute their efforts.

As usual, this season, the Festival is presenting great artists.

To all those who share my love of music, take advantage of these beautiful moments to transport your soul and put a balm on the pandemic that affects us all.

I wish you all a beautiful 2021 season.


2019: Mme Sylvie et M. Jean-Pierre Bégin

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2013: M.  André St-Marseille, Maire de Piopolis
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2003: M. Claude Charron, pharmacien propriétaire Pharmacie Jean-Coutu de Lac-Mégantic
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2000: M. Gilles Pansera, PDG Industries manufacturières Mégantic
1999: Mme Suzanne Durivage, présidente de la Commission scolaire des Hauts-Cantons